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Creating confident employers who feel empowered to offer opportunities to students/apprentices and employees. The programme includes:

  • The Smart Employer Guide – ensure compliance with GDPR, safeguarding and other legislation.
  • The Personalised Employers Handbook -we work with employers to devise a short, engaging guide to your business –used to promote the company at recruitment events, activities or during work with training/education providers.
  • Employer Guide to Getting Involved – a comprehensive menu of activities, initiatives and ideas that Employers can use when working with schools, colleges, and VET providers to engage young people.
  • The Education & Employment Link/Quality Mark – Designed to show any school/college/VET provider that the company adopts good practise models when engaging with schools/colleges/VET providers.


2nd Floor, Moorfoot House Meridian Gate, 221 Marsh Wall, London E14 9FJ

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